Geothermal Energy Research & Development


1. Exploration

We are the first company that has introduced and implemented a commercial magnetotelluric (MT) survey in Japan. We recently used the MT method to explore an area under the sea floor at a depth of 5,000 meters or more.

At any desired depth from a few meters to tens of kilometers, we can use electromagnetic waves (such as MT, CSAMT, and TEM) or elastic waves (such as seismic reflection method, VSP, and crosshole tomography) to investigate the geophysical structure and properties of the surface and borehole.

We have electromagnetic methods based on 2D and 3D analyzing technologies and offer exploratory services (such as exploration, data processing, and analysis) for a wide range of applications. Examples of our services include groundwater and environment surveys at depths from several meters to tens of meters, the prospecting of hot springs or metallic deposits at about 1,000 meters deep, the exploration of geothermal energy and oil at several kilometers, and scientific or under-sea floor investigation at 10 kilometers or deeper.

We are now involved in the development of CSEM (Controlled Source EM) for shallow areas under the sea floor.

2. Drilling

We are introducing the SDI (Scientific Drilling International) directional drilling survice to the domestic geothermal, oil & gas, seismic disaster prevention and academic drilling fields. The EM method is used in many geothermal well drilling applications because of its high signal transmission speed and its applicability to drilling in lost circulation and air drilling. The Mud Pulse method is mainly used at ultra deep well drilling or when the resistivity of the formation is too low for the EM MWD method. For drilling mud motors, we use the highly reliable TITAN2, which has been in use for more than 20 years. In addition, we provide engineering services such as borehole core measurement using Gyro, ranging services for collision avoidance or relief well drilling, well site planning, various hydraulic risk calculations, and torque and drag calculations.

3. Logging

For geothermal and hot spring wells, it is very important to evaluate the productivity and injectivity of the well and also the characteristics (pressure, temperature, permeability, etc.) of the surrounding formations.

We provide logging services (PTS logging, downhole fluid sampler logging, electrical logging, etc.) according to your objectives. We also provide wellbore simulation using acquired data and analytical techniques to evaluate reservoir properties around the wellbore.

We also provide production testing services using a portable production testing apparatus (James method). This allows us to obtain long-term data on steam and hydrothermal flow rates and wellbore production characteristics without the use of a pressure vessel.

In addition, our high-temperature DHV (manufactured by DHVI) can visually check the wellbore under high-temperature conditions. This technology can be used for various applications, such as casing inspection, scale survey, and identification of wellbore remains.

4. Hydrogeology and Rservoir

It is important technology for resource management and environmental protection of subsurface fluids to estimate how fluids flow underground and what their future will be.

We provide various hardware and software for this purpose, including measurement technology (pressure and temperature monitoring, tracer dilution two-phase flow measurement, subsurface tracer), analysis technology (numerical simulation, hydraulic analysis), data management (database), and power generation equipment (Kalina cycle).

In particular, our subsurface visualization database (G★BASE) is used in the fields of geothermal, high-level radioactive waste geological disposal, and geoscience.

As for the subsurface 3D multiphase thermal fluid analysis simulator (TOUGH2) developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the U.S., we provide not only analysis services in various fields including geothermal reservoir evaluation, but also comprehensive consulting services including installation and education.


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